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Does A Plant-Based Diet Make You Better In Bed?

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Eating a plant-based diet is better for your health and the environment – and possibly your love life. So says Juice Dr., the Ardmore-based company that provides cold-pressed, organic juices and vegan food to customers throughout the Philadelphia area. “This concept was popularized by PETA, which is not exactly neutral about its opinions on animal consumption,” says FJ Leto, founder of Juice Dr. “But there are valid reasons to believe that great sex is on the list of reasons to eat a plant-based diet.”

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For starters, plant-based foods increase blood flow to skin, hair, hearts … and other body parts. “Good circulation increases heart and artery health and decreases chances of developing clotting-based conditions,” Leto explained. “And, increased blood flow can go anywhere it’s needed.” 

Vegans also smell (and taste) better. A 2006 study found that more pleasing aromas came from participants who followed a plant-based diet versus a diet containing meat. Since smell is connected to taste … You can connect those dots.

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Vegans may also look better. The “vegan glow” is a real thing, a lovely side effect of providing skin, hair and nails with nutrients from vegetables and fruit, improving health inside and outside.

Have trouble getting “in the mood”? A meatless plan could help with that, too. One study found that following a plant based diet significantly improved people’s moods after just two weeks. Being a happier person doesn’t necessarily make you better in bed. “But eating plants seems to increase production of serotonin and oxytocin, the ‘feel good’ hormones that enhance all kinds of happiness and connection with your romantic partners,” Leto said.

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Ready for a juice or smoothie? Want to find out more about Juice Dr.’s plant-based diets, cleanses and recipes? Head to juicedr.org for more information.

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