Main Line Ma Knows Best

Meet The Local Moms Who Created The Brand.

by Melissa Jacobs

Being a new mom is tough. Being a new mom during the pandemic is tougher. “The pandemic made me feel so isolated,” says Leah Davey, who gave birth to her firstborn in June 2020. “I was desperate to get out of the house with my daughter, but wanted to do that safely.”

Mommy-and-me activities were cancelled by COVID and although Davey is a Berwyn native who graduated from Conestoga High School in 2010, she was at a loss for ideas. A decade-long intermission from the Main Line detached Davey from the local scene. “I lived here my whole life but it’s changed so much since I graduated high school,” she said. “I wasn’t meeting other new moms.”

Leah Davey and her daughter Lila.

So, Davey created a play group that met outdoors at a Media tot lot. She announced the meet-up on Facebook, which is where Kayla Matthews spotted it. That was in the summer of 2021, following a busy few months for Matthews. She and her husband moved to Media from West Chester in April and had their first child in May. “My core group of friends doesn’t have kids yet, so I was a little alone in what I was experiencing with my son,” said Matthews.

Matthews and Davey hit it off immediately. Both are special education  teachers and wanted enriching activities for their kids. “This region has so much to offer, but it’s often hard to find listings of kid-friendly things in one place,” Davey said.

Kayla Matthews and her son Caden.

To solve that problem, Davey revamped one of her existing Instagram accounts into Main Line Ma. “I’m a chronic Instagram scroller,” Davey said with a laugh. “I spent my entire pandemic ‘with’ certain mommy influencers. So I felt that there was a local audience – and need – for this.”

Davey texted Matthews the idea and suggested they collaborate. “My husband said, ‘You love social media. You’d be great at it.’ And I thought that we could provide other moms the things that we wanted: activities, community and support.”

That’s exactly what Main Line Ma provides. Curated lists of events and interesting activities are posted regularly. The women work together on the content, taking great care to investigate their recommendations before posting about them. Matthews researches and handles engagement; Davey does most of the writing and the graphics.

Main Line Ma is so successful that the women are doing paid partnerships, giveaways and other collaborations with local businesses. “We support them, they support us and it’s been a great way to connect with the community,” Davey says.

The moms don’t have plans for a website or other social media platforms. “Then again, we didn’t plan to give birth in the middle of a pandemic, so anything is possible,” Davey says.

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