Cheap Eats: Try These Four Philly Joints

The Philly Snack Queens’ Top Picks For April

by Samantha and Maura, Philly Snack Queens

Hot, trendy spots in Philadelphia are amazing. But who gives love to the unsung underdogs? We do. Here are four places that are new to us, new to Philly, or just so out of this world we need to make sure everyone knows about them.

Herman's Coffee

Herman’s Coffee

Coffee spots are that piece of pre-pandemic life we seek and crave, and Herman’s is just IT. We have been going for years, and it is the perfect  little-known spot that focuses on community, good food, great coffee, and supporting local businesses. What more could you want? We take many walks to grab Herman’s fun, seasonal drinks. Given that they serve fresh Okie Dokie Donuts (which is a whole other story), you really can’t go wrong here. Here’s an insider tip: Herman’s brings in fab food trucks on weekends for brunch and some evenings, too.

1313 S. 3rd St., Philadelphia

Fish Tacos from Nora's Kitchen

Nora’s Kitchen

Is there a lot of great Mexican food in Philly? Yes. Are some subpar and forgettable? Also, yes. But Nora’s hits it every time. Truly, you can’t go wrong here. We must give a special shout out to Nora’s fish tacos (pictured here). There’s so much love and skill in each dish, and the price tag is amazingly reasonable. We order dinner from here once or twice a month, and love the friendly, accessible vibe about this place. A must try!

248 South St., Philadelphia

Buk Chon Korean Cuisine

Buk Chon Korean Cuisine

Bold statement alert: Buk Chon is the best Korean we have had in Philly. Many places are a bit fancier and famous-er, but we find that often they lack consistency and do not have the same level of attention to detail in each dish. Buk Chon has a few classics that we suggest: green onion pancakes, jap-chae, rib eye bulgogi, and bibimbap (we often do chicken!). And of course, the Korean fried chicken. We’re sure that the other options are great, especially the spicier ones. We can’t mess with spicy food, but if you can, try it and report back!

132 Chestnut St., Philadelphia

Yeeroh Greek Cuisine


Fast-casual Greek food? Yes and yes. Yeeroh is a regular go-to for an easy, nutritious, and fun date night. The zucchini fries and feta sticks (think mozzarella sticks but saltier and SO GOOD) are part of every order. On regular rotation: a salad, bowl option with kebabs, and mix grill (or mega mixed grill if you are more than two people). We find that many places with  similar menus serve pretty greasy and overly cooked dishes. But Yeeroh has never disappointed. Always great quality and value. We love them!

1412 South St., Philadelphia

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