Power Women’s Guide To Weight Loss

Dr. Janine Darby
7 Things You Need To Know About Hormones, Nutrition and Exercise

By Melissa Jacobs

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Struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Then you’ve probably ingested a million pounds of advice from weight loss gurus. Keto, vegan, Atkins, Flexitarian; the list goes on and the pounds don’t stay off. Weight loss can be extra tough for women, especially as hormones change.

What can we do? Dr. Janine Darby of Lifestyle Changes is now offering a 12-week group weight loss program built on her decades of medical expertise. Double board certified in family and obesity medicine, and one of Main Line Today’s 2022 Power Women, Dr. Darby’s program incorporates mindset, meal planning and movement. “The name Lifestyle Changes encapsulates my belief about weight loss,” said Dr. Darby. “This program changes the way people think, eat and move. That leads to success in maintaining weight loss.”

Dr. Darby weight loss
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Education is the first step, Dr. Darby said. Understanding the medical aspects of weight loss helps people make good choices that lead to success. It worked for Dr. Darby. “My passion for obesity medicine began when I was 39 years old,” she said. “After four children, I looked in the mirror in tears. Depressed, self-conscious, and imprisoned by an excess of 30 pounds on my small height of 4’11”, I decided to make a change. I pledged to concentrate on obesity medicine and to develop a personalized plan to lose weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle.”

Want the truth about women and weight loss? Here’s what you need to know.

Women store more fat than men. “Women’s healthy body fat averages 21-24%, whereas men’s averages 14-17%,” Dr. Darby said. “We are designed to hold more fat, period. Also, women have different nutritional needs. So, we need to take a different approach to weight loss.”

Dr. Darby weight loss
Dr. Janine Darby’s Lifestyle Changes group weight loss program starts Nov. 9. Photo by Nina Lea Photography.

Every woman loses weight differently. Comparing your weight loss to your girlfriend’s? Don’t bother. “We lose weight differently by ethnicity, genetics and our personal journeys,” Dr. Darby said. “What works for one person may not work for you. That’s why I offer customized programs at Lifestyle Changes.”

Group support can make a big difference in weight loss. “We are social creatures, and support, accountability and coaching breed success,” Dr. Darby said. “Many people have issues with their weight. The group is a safe space to have honest discussions and dive deeper into our struggles with weight, health and wellness.”

Dr. Janine Darby
Dr. Janine Darby is double board certified in family and obesity medicine. Photo by Nina Lea Photography.

Belly and thigh fat comes off last. (Unfortunately.) “Subcutaneous fat disappears first,” Dr. Darby explained. “Your clavicle will get more pronounced as the fat around it is lost, then breast fat reduces, then belly fat and thigh fat,” she said. “That’s the process for all women.”

Exercise without nutrition doesn’t work. Grinding through workouts and not losing weight? “You can’t lose weight without changing your eating patterns,” Dr. Darby said. “In fact, exercise isn’t introduced until the last month of Lifestyle Changes’ 12-week program.”

Dr. Darby weight loss
Dr. Janine Darby’s next weight loss group convenes Nov. 9. Click here to get $100 this amazing program! Photo by Nina Lea Photography.

Supplements aren’t right for everyone. If we’re eating the right foods, we probably don’t need supplements – not even the ones Dr. Darby offers. “They are not right for everyone,” she explained. “You can get vitamins and nutrients from well-balanced meals. That builds long term health and weight loss management.”

Think inches, not pounds. The scale tells one story; the tape measure tells another. “I advise my patients to measure their waists and use that as a metric during their weight loss,” Dr. Darby said. “You will lose inches differently than you lose pounds, and you’ll see the difference.”

Dr. Janine Darby
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Ready to enroll in Dr. Darby’s Lifestyle Changes group weight loss plan? Use code MLT when you register to save $100 and get the 12-week program for $670 (including Lifestyle Change 6-month Wellness Journal).

About Lifestyle Changes:

Lifestyle Changes by Dr. Janine Darby is a physician-led, virtual, weight management and corporate wellness practice. Double board certified in family and obesity medicine, Dr. Darby is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and Temple University School of Medicine.

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