DelCo Mom Opens Her Dream Med-Spa On The Main Line

Erica Adams Brooke Alexandria Spa
This mom-entrepreneur put her 22-years of nursing experience into creating Haverford’s new Brooke Alexandria Spa.

by Melissa Jacobs

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From facials to fillers, IV hydration to dermaplaning, Brooke Alexandria Spa has everything Main Liners need to boost their energy, health and beauty. The newly opened med-spa, located in Haverford Square Plaza, is owned by Erica Adams, RN, MSN and an aesthetic medical expert with more than 20 years of nursing experience.

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The Swarthmore mother of three opened the med-spa to give personalized attention to clients’ medical and aesthetic needs. “I worked in Philadelphia hospitals for many years, but now I get to work one-on-one with people to improve their health, wellness and beauty,” Adams said.

She also gets to be closer to home. When a space became available in Haverford Square, Adams scooped it up, getting the ideal corner location previously occupied by Linda Golden Boutique. The med-spa has great neighbors, including White Dog Café, Hope Chest and Merritt Gallery. 

Brooke Alexandria Spa

Adams’ medical background informs her approach to beauty and wellness. Each of her staff members is a certified nurse, and each client gets a full evaluation on their first visit. And, Adams spent more than 12 years getting certified in lasers, injectables, chemical peels and every other treatment that she offers at the med-spa. View the full list of Brooke Alexandria Spa’s services here.

For Adams, beauty and medicine have always been intertwined. When she wasn’t working nursing shifts, Adams was an aesthetician in the studio owned by Deneen Marcel, the renown Bryn Mawr eyelash and brow stylist. “Deneen is my mentor and role model,” Adams said. “She’s my everything.”

Marcel is also a client; Adams treats her allergies with one of her customized IV hydration cocktails. Adams first encountered IV cocktails while she was suffering from GERD. At the time, she was on several medications for GERD, none of which eased her reflux symptoms. But after a month of IV treatments, Adams’ felt much better. “My brain fog, insomnia and palpitations were gone,” she said. “I felt better than I had in months.”

Brooke Alexandria Spa Haverford

“My brain fog, insomnia and palpitations were gone,” Adams said. “I felt better than I had in months.”

Now, Adams puts her nursing knowledge into creating customized IV cocktails. Beauty, energy, metabolism and dehydration are just a few of the conditions Adams treats with IV drips. One of the most popular, the athlete spartan drip, includes amino acids, minerals, Vitamin C and a Vitamin B complex to boost athletic recovery, hydration and energy. “If you’re an athlete and work out four times or more per week, you need vitamin and mineral replenishment,” Adams explained. “Most people have some kind of sports drink, but this gets even better results.”

Brooke Alexandria Spa also offers facials, fillers, Botox, microneedling, PRP, dermaplaning, chemical peels, body contouring, brows, lashes and V Steam. “I’m excited to work with clients to customize their wellness and beauty treatment plans,” Adams said. “I know how hard it is for people to find time for self-care. Here, we’ll take care of everything you need to look and feel your best.”

Brooke Alexandria Spa, 379 Lancaster Ave., Haverford, PA, 19041, (267) 809-2001, balaserspa.com

Brooke Alexandria Haverford
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