LiVnSoL Shines

Downingtown Artist Brian Hearns Featured in Two Solo Exhibits by Melissa Jacobs Birds, musicians, Maya Angelou; Brian Hearns’s subjects are as varied as his mediums. The Downingtown artist, who goes by the creative and declarative name LiVnSoL, used cut paper, exuberantly colored acrylics and black India ink to compose “Truth Seekers,” the new exhibition heContinue reading “LiVnSoL Shines”

Brian Hearns Takes Flight

Downingtown artist unveils new work and apparel line by Melissa Jacobs Even if there weren’t compelling messages behind it, Brian Hearns’ work is the kind of scroll-stopping art that commands attention. Part illustration, part painting, emblazoned with symbols (both hidden and overt) and often accompanied by written words, Hearns’ bright, colorful pieces – and evenContinue reading “Brian Hearns Takes Flight”