Binge or Cringe: What To Watch in October

Serial Killers, Bakers and Aliens? Perfect.

Jamie Joffe, Culture Editor

Oh, October. The only month of the year where I can talk openly about my obsession with serial killers and eat copious amounts of peanut  M + M’s in public without any judgement. It also happens to be a killer (pun intended) month for new releases and returning favorites. What should you stream this month? Here’s my list.


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OMG finally. This thriller is back for its third season and it’s a premiere I’ve been waiting for. No spoilers here if you haven’t watched the first two seasons. (And you should.) But when we last left Joe, he was linked (perhaps permanently) with a woman who is crazier than him. That mind blowing reveal was a great plot twist. The suburbs will never be the same – and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
Amazon Prime

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Yes, I am aware that they keep remaking this mystery thriller. But it is based on a book from my all-time favorite YA fiction writer Lois Duncan. The book (and its various TV incarnations) tells the story of a group of hot mess high school seniors who wind up doing something stupid. Go figure. Karma is a bitch, one that catches up to them eventually.

Baking Impossible

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Whoever thought of this cooking contest is a complete psychopath – and must love baked goods as much as I do. The series pairs bakers with engineers, dividing them into nine teams to face a series of challenges. “Bakineers” build and bake ridiculous items that have to taste good and pass structural tests that look more complicated than Rube Goldberg contraptions. For example, competitors are tasked with building skyscrapers that can withstand earthquakes. This looks pretty intense for a baking show, so this may be one to skip if you have bad anxiety.

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Apple TV 

Think a pandemic is bad? An alien invasion is definitely much, much worse.  In this sci-fi drama, a nasty looking alien species is out to destroy humanity. Events unfold in real time and it’s relatively horrifying. If this happens, you can find me in CVS buying more peanut M+M’s to mix in with my Ambien.

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The Many Saints of Newark

I’m still annoyed at how “The Sopranos” ended. After the last episode, I couldn’t even listen to Journey anymore. FINALLY, David Chase, creator of the series, stepped up to release “The Many Saints Of Newark,” a prequel to the Sopranos saga. The story follows a young Tony Soprano as he comes up through the ranks to become a “made man.” Fun fact: Michael Gandolfini, son of James Gandolfini, plays the young Tony Soprano. I was looking forward to seeing a young Paulie Walnuts. But for me, “Saints” was a sinner, not a winner.

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