Feeling “Emotional” Could Be A Sign Of Strength

10 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health This Women’s History Month

by Chimere G. Holmes, LPC, Mental Health Editor

Each March, we pay homage to the millions of intelligent, talented, and diverse women across the globe who make the world go ‘round. From the household to the classroom and boardroom, women from all walks of life keep things moving and make our lives all the lovelier. During Women’s History Month we have the privilege of celebrating women throughout history who have shaped our nation. We stand on their shoulders.

Mental health contributes to total health. Mental health is essential to our well-being and when tended, has the power to positively impact future generations of history-making women. Were those women “emotional”? Maybe. Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you have a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.

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As a licensed mental health clinician, I invite every woman who reads this post to begin prioritizing her mental health. Here is the ask: We at Main Line Tonight cordially invite you to do one thing that acknowledges not only your mental health, but the emotional wellness of other women in your life. Women empowering women by promoting mental health! How is that for the ultimate celebration of Women’s History Month?

Here are my 10 ways that you and all the other amazing women in your life can take charge of your mental health this month.



Take time to do a mental health check-up. Use this self-care questionnaire created by San Francisco State University.


Get Help

Dissatisfied with your results? Contact your PCP for referrals for mental health professionals.



Tell a woman you admire how much she means to you. This can be a simple text message, phone call, or handwritten note. Who doesn’t love to receive correspondence?



Check in with the special women in your life and make sure they are doing okay. Choose one woman per week. Reach out to her and send her some love.


Be Kind

Make time to do something kind for yourself this month, like diving into a good book you’ve been meaning to read or buying yourself a scented candle.



Try a new relaxation technique. Maybe that’s a mindfulness meditation, chant, yoga practice, or special prayer. Give your soul some much needed TLC.



Research shows that our bodies need 150 minutes of moderate-intense exercise per week. Say “I love you” to your body by stretching it and moving it.



Strive for good sleep hygiene. Get 6-8 hours of rest per night to restore your mind, body, and spirit.


Go Outside

Nothing soothes the soul like vitamin D. Aim for 5-10 minutes of intentional sunlight each day. Catching rays goes a long way towards boosting our mood and energy.


Get Help

If you are struggling with your mental health, please reach out to a trusted friend or loved one for support and consider taking that brave next step in seeking a mental health professional.

Imagine how much greater our world would be if every woman took the time to prioritize her mental health and paid it forward by uplifting and encouraging another woman to do the same. Such a world IS possible and it doesn’t only have to be this month. It can be every month, all year through. It starts with me and it starts with you. Happy Women’s History Month.

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