7 Must-Try Spa Treatments

Want to look and feel your best this fall? Try these treatments at Haverford’s new med-spa.

By Melissa Jacobs

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Who is having a fun fall? Same! However, this time of year is jam-packed with business, social events and holidays. Needing to be on my A game (A+ game, actually), I headed to Brooke Alexandria Spa, the newly opened health and wellness oasis in Haverford Square, steps away from White Dog Café, Hope Chest and Merritt Gallery.

Brooke Alexandria Spa

Brooke Alexandria Spa is owned by the fabulous Erica Adams, RN, MSN, an aesthetic medical expert with more than 20 years of nursing experience. The Swarthmore mother of three opened the med-spa to give personalized attention to clients’ medical and aesthetic needs. “I worked in Philadelphia hospitals for many years, but now I get to work one-on-one with people to improve their health, wellness and beauty,” Erica said.

Turns out, I needed all of the personalized, VIP attention that Erica could spare. Although I have amazing doctors, I don’t have … well, a nurse. Erica took the time to get my complete medical history, then made me a customized IV hydration drip, and explained which of Brooke Alexandria Spa’s treatments are right for me. The result? I feel better than I have in a long, long time.

Melissa before the IV hydration … and after!

What customized treatments can you get at Brooke Alexandria Spa? Here’s a list of my favorites.

IV Hydration

Skeptical? I was, too. But I was also dehydrated, something Erica diagnosed within minutes. Most Americans are dehydrated, especially if they’ve had COVID, Erica said. Vitamins, minerals, high dose Vitamin C and a B complex were part of the IV cocktail Erica made for me. After my IV drip, I felt amazing – and looked healthier, too. Customized IV drip, 1 hour service, $175 – $220.

IV Hydration

B12 Shot

If you’re over 40, drink alcohol and don’t eat a ton of red meat, you probably have a B12 deficiency. I did. One shot of B12 reduced my fatigue and sharpened my mental focus. Erica said I can get a shot once a month or more often – and I will. B12 Shot, $35.

IV Hydration

PDO Threads

Want a non-surgical way to lift your jaw line, smooth your forehead and get rid of nasal-labia folds? Erica’s dissolvable threads to do all of that. She uses a medical procedure to insert thread into problem areas and lift them while stimulating collagen production. Less invasive and more affordable than filler, PDO threads last about 12-14 weeks. PDO Threads, one hour service, $500.

Chemical Peels

The word “chemical” can be scary, but Erica puts her medical expertise to work in creating the right formulation for each client’s skin. And everyone needs exfoliation after the summer. Peels help with anti-aging by eliminating redness and wrinkles while boosting collagen production. Chemical peels package of 3, $875.

Spa in Haverford

V Steam

Steam heat is good for most of our bodies … including vaginas. Erica’s specialized chairs deliver herb-infused steam to our lady parts. The treatment helps with everything from cramps to lubrication, yeast infections to bacteria vaginosis. These herbs are amazing; they come from a herbologist who specializes in reproductive organs. V Steam, 45 minute service, $70.

Brow Shaping and Lashes

Brow and lash enhancements are a great way to get glam and Erica offers easy ways to do both. Her brow shaping service follows clients’ natural contours while her faux lashes make eyes pop and last for 10 days. The perfect combination for a big event or intimate evening, brows and lashes are a must for fall. Brow shaping $30, express lashes $99.

Main Line Spa

Date Night Package

This is the definition of self-care: spa facial, secret RF microneedling treatment and express lashes. The RF stands for radio frequency, which makes the microneedling skin rejuvenation work even better. I’d add an IV treatment to round out the wellness and feel my absolute best for a night with a sweetie or my girlfriends. Date night package $1,500. IV treatment $175 – $220

That’s my list of must-try treatments – but you may find other things you love at Brooke Alexandria Spa. Please click this link to read more about founder Erica Adams. And please join us at the very special event at Brooke Alexandria on Nov. 10. See you there!

Brooke Alexandria Haverford

Brooke Alexandria Spa, 379 Lancaster Ave., Haverford, PA, 19041, (267) 809-2001, balaserspa.com

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