Is 55-Year Old Carrie Still A Fashion Icon?

What does And Just Like That say about style for women over age 50? We couldn’t help but wonder …

by Diane Oliva, Style Editor

Sex And The City defined the role of fashion in a TV show and influenced how we dressed along the way. Manolo Blahnik and SATC were practically synonymous. Fast forward 20 years, And Just Like That… once again put fashion center stage. Were you just as excited to see the characters’ wardrobes as their storylines? I know I was.

While the reboot introduced new characters with loads of style prowess, I want to concentrate on Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. We know them best and we’ve seen their style change as they age. How are we feeling about their wardrobe evolution? Was it worth the hype?

In my opinion, the costume designers stayed true to the original show’s fashions, flawlessly adapting them to present day and the characters 55+ ages. They accomplished this with longer lengths, fuller skirts, a lot more color and patterns, and tons of fun accessories and shoes. For example, skirts are longer and characters wear jackets over bodycon dresses.

Carrie’s wardrobe is still over the top, a careful combination of outrageous bordering on costume, mixed with classics and vintage. To me, her wardrobe is another character in the show. I am usually conflicted about  whatever she is wearing. My jaw will drop over a coat or dress, while, at the same time, I shudder over her choice of an enormous belt or turkey- platter size hat. She also mixes in carefully curated vintage pieces, which is something I love about her iconic looks. That is the allure of her style; so eclectic, but so purposely and masterfully done. It is supposed to look effortlessly thrown together, but you know it was not. While I may not always love what she wears, I admire her style the most of any character’s on AJLT.

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Charlotte is still the same Park Avenue princess as in the original show. Her outfits are crisp and always from upscale designers’ current seasons. Charlotte is immaculate, classic and elegant – right down to her Burberry doggie doo bag dispenser. The costume designers have Charlotte in colorful, full skirts, puffed sleeves and the latest “it” bag.

While we may not be able to buy a matching $2,000 bag for every outfit, we can buy the Nathalie Lete Helena floral apron Charlotte  wears. It’s available at Anthropologie for $32!

Of the three characters, Miranda has gone through the greatest evolution in style … and a few other things. No longer a high powered attorney, Miranda traded in her business suits for relaxed, slightly boho looks. Now, she is embracing bright colors and prints. The costume designer puts her in black for only a few scenes, one of which may a fashion clue symbolizing  the powerful change that Miranda goes through.

So while the show’s storylines have gotten mixed reviews, I think AJLT’s costume designers are brilliant. Every outfit and scene is done with meaning. Watch closely to see how the costume designer plays with color and pattern. When all three characters are together, they are dressed differently. Carrie will wear polka dots, Miranda will wear stripes and Charlotte will wear a floral print. This is intentional and beautifully done. Is the fashion as important and fun as it was in the original SATC? A resounding yes! 

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