DelCo’s Jeanette Limas: Will She Win “Making The Cut”?

Jeanette Limas

Behind The Scenes Of The Amazon Prime Show With Local Designer Jeanette Limas

Limas talks about her garments, the challenges – and why she loves Tim Gunn

by Diane Oliva, Style Editor

We couldn’t have been more excited when local designer and longtime friend of Main Line Tonight Jeanette Limas became a contestant on “Making The Cut,” the Amazon Prime fashion reality show hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. With six episodes in, and only the finale remaining, Limas is still in the running to win it all. And by all, we mean $1 million.

Limas won two episodes with her unique, fabulous designs, which can be bought on Amazon’s Making The Cut online boutique. Being a huge fan of Lima’s designs, I was thrilled when she sat down with us for an interview to discuss her experience and some behind the scenes tidbits on “Making the Cut.”

Jeanette Limas
Photo by James Pitarresi

DO: Speaking of Tim Gunn… We’ve loved him for years. Would you call him a mentor? What’s the relationship like?

JL: I love Tim Gunn. We all do. He was so helpful – in front and behind the camera. After our Tim talks, I still had questions. I’d say, “Can I ask you something? I have more questions.” He always made time to talk to me. Whatever he said, I found myself agreeing. I have love and respect for him.

Tim Gunn
Tim Gunn, Jeanette Limas and Heidi Klum

DO: So what you see on TV is the real Tim Gunn.

JL: Absolutely. And Heidi, too. I love Heidi so much. She is amazing. She’s even more beautiful in person. Nicole Richie and Jeremy Scott were wonderful, too.

DO: What is the best piece of advice you have received on the show?

JL: One day, Tim Gunn said, “Keep thinking about organic. If you are not sure of something and I’m not around, think about the word organic.” Now, I do that all the time.

Jeanette Limas’ funeral dress from “Making The Cut”

DO: What is organic to you? The draping, the material?

JL: The draping. Sometimes, you drape and it doesn’t work. You have to keep working it, but it can’t feel forced. The fabric can’t feel forced in the draping. That has to feel organic. I’ll tell you about the funeral dress challenge.  When they gave us the assignment, we had to work with fabric that we already had. I remember telling myself to make it beautiful. I cut out all the noise and was extremely focused. I was draping and draping until I finished the dress. I tuned out all of the “Making The Cut” cameras, audio, everything. I just pretended that I was in my studio, by myself. And I loved the result.

DO: Are you in touch with the other designers?

JL: Every day. After each episode, we go over it. We are on a group text. I love the other designers. We are one big family. I learned that I am very strong. I can take the harsh criticism. “Making The Cut” broadened my view as a fashion designer. And I met a great group of other designers.

DO: Well, we are rooting for you. I love watching the show and I love watching you. I can’t wait to see how it ends. Good luck!

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