Radnor Hunt Cocktails You’ll Love

Radnor Hunt

Hosting a tailgate or tent at Radnor Hunt? These drinks will make your guests happy.

by Michele Gargiulo, wine and spirits editor

Radnor Hunt Races is one of the Main Line’s most beloved traditions. Horses, fashion, food and drinks make Radnor Hunt one of the most fun days on the calendar. Tailgating at the races? Hosting a tent? Planning is key. You’ll need cups, shakers, garnishes, ice (lots and lots of ice) and the right booze, of course. Need ideas on what drinks to serve? Try these four delicious crowd pleasers.

Rosé Wine Cocktails: Classic, pink wine pairs excellently with afternoon races. There are many styles of rosé wines, which is great if you’re hosting a diverse crowd. Consider transforming your rosé into a cocktail. One of my personal favorites involves cognac, strawberry puree, ice, and rosé wine.

Penns Woods rose wine

Sticking with traditional, bottled wines? Although they are not bad at room temperature, they do benefit from being put into ice buckets, or refrigerated devices. After they have a nice chill to them, rosés are the perfect pairing for a nice warm day watching the races.

There are sweet rosé wines, dry, sparkling, or still. Rosé wine is made all over the world, from Germany to South Africa, as well as some more classic French or Italian rosés. And great rosé wines are made in Pennsylvania. Click here to see six great PA rosé wines you should try

Pour Richard’s Coffee Liqueur: Excitement, the sun or the rosé catching up with you? A nice local coffee liqueur will be just the ticket. Pour Richard’s in Devon makes exceptional coffee. And, the owners recently delved into the distilling side of the beverage world. They have their own state-of-the-art still in the upstairs area of the coffee shop and are selling coffee liqueurs that rival (and trump) any you have had before.

Radnor Hunt

Although I love espresso martinis, these products taste so good on their own that I hate to put them in cocktails and dilute their flavors. The vodka liqueur is their most standard, but I did fall in love with Pour Richard’s tequila and cognac liqueurs. Perfectly balanced, these liqueurs taste more like a fancy Starbucks beverage than an alcoholic one!

I highly recommend having one or two of these pick-me-ups around during Radnor Hunt Races. You’ll be a trendsetter for serving this newer product. And, if you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option, Pour Richard’s makes some of the best cold brew I’ve encountered anywhere.

Revivalist G+T: Want a chic twist on the standard gin and tonic? Botanically infused gins are the way to go. They easily transform into cocktails (especially in a tailgating situation) because they already have so many flavors and ingredients.

Radnor Hunt

Try the gins from Revivalist, a distillery in Elverson, Chester County. Summertide tastes of jasmine, rose, lavender and honeysuckle while Equinox has a lemon-peppermint flavor. Dragon Dance is infused with jalapenos, making it perfect for people who love a little heat.

Depending on your mood and the weather, you could mix these with some tonic and lime, or you could add some fruit puree or juice, a squeeze of lemon, and top it with ice. You’ll have a three ingredient cocktail that your guests will beg to try.

Aperol Spritz, Aperol Splash + Aperol Negroni: Hot day? You’ll be desperate for some refreshing spritzes. Dreary weather? You will be daydreaming about warm weather while sipping on your spritz. The Aperol Spritz is made by filling a wine glass with ice, adding three parts sparkling wine (Prosecco is suggested), then two parts Aperol, and topping that with one part of club soda. Garnish with an orange slice.

a high angle view at an alcoholic drink
Photo by Studio Naae.

Aperol on the rocks with a splash of orange juice is another dangerously easy drinking and delicious beverage to sip on while watching the races.

Aperol can also be made into a Negroni (instead of using Campari) to remove some of the bitterness. No matter what cocktail you make with Aperol, it is sure to make you feel like a winner, even if your horse comes in last place.

Want more information about other PA-made wines and spirits? Read 8 Sexy PA Wines and how to explore the Bucks County Wine Trail.

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