Skin Care We Love: Micro Current Facial

Dani Causey’s New Anti-Aging Treatment Works – Fast

by Diane Oliva and Melissa Jacobs

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A painless, non-surgical treatment that tightens sagging jaw lines, plumps cheeks and smooths fine lines? Would it really work? When Main Line skin care expert Dani Causey invited us to her luxurious Newtown Square studio to try a micro current facial, we went with high hopes but low expectations. Sure, Dani is an award-winning medical aesthetician and the skin guru behind some of the Main Line’s best-known faces. But what would one facial really do?

Turns out, Dani Causey’s micro current facial is the anti-aging treatment we’ve been waiting for. After one 60-minute session, Diane’s jawline, cheekbones, forehead and under eyes were visibly tighter, smoother and less wrinkled.

Want to see Diane’s transformation? Scroll for before and after photos.

Dani started with a routine cleansing, then applied a special gel to Diane’s face. Then, Dani rolled two metal wands over Diane’s face, starting at her jawline and moving upward using small motions. The wands delivered micro currents that stimulated muscles and collagen production … and does other amazing stuff that we didn’t complete understand. Expert that she is, Dani tosses around words sonophoresis to explain the scientific aspect of her treatments.

Halfway through Dani Causey’s micro current facial, the left side of Diane’s face showed visible signs of lifting and tightening.

Bottom line: We saw a dramatic difference 15-minutes into the facial. Diane’s jawline was lifted, her cheekbones sculpted, her forehead was smooth and the skin under her eyes had more volume.

For the second part of the facial, Dani applied a peptide serum to Diane’s face, then topped it with another layer of the treatment gel. After she adjusted the settings on her magical machine, Dani moved the wands over Diane’s face again, firming the skin as she went.

The results were instantly visible and dramatic. The texture of Diane’s skin was brighter and smoother. She glowed. Diane didn’t experience pain, bruising or redness and didn’t need any down time. No down time needed; we went for drinks after the facial. Diane was incredibly happy with the results.

To see the full benefits of the micro current facial, you’ll need six treatments one week a part, then a monthly maintenance session. Dani charges $500 per treatment for a package of six. If you have a pacemaker or are pregnant, the micro current facial is not for you.

We highly recommend Dani’s micro current facial. Book yours today by contacting Dani via her website, email or Instagram.

Dani Causey Skin, 4885 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, PA, 19073

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