Angry in America: New Book Offers Help

Dr. Tyra Gardner
Philadelphia’s Dr. Tyra Gardner publishes new anger management journal

by Jennifer Lynn Robinson, Business Editor

From COVID to monkey pox, gas to guns and government, many Americans are fed up, stressed out and just plain angry. In a recent poll conducted by the nonprofit Mental Health America, 71% of respondents felt easily annoyed or downright irritable almost every day.

Anger management experts like Philadelphia’s Dr. Tyra Gardner are working overtime to help people. In early June, Gardner published a book called “Let’s L.A.F.” (live anger free). Available as a hard copy and an e-book, the journal includes prompts, worksheets, and other tools to monitor feelings of anger, anxiety, and stress. It can also help people identify their triggers. Gardner says the creation of the journal, “happened exactly when it was supposed to happen” even though she had been thinking about doing it for about five years.

COVID made Gardner realize how much a book like this is needed. A certified anger management specialist who holds two Master’s degrees and is working on her PhD, Gardner runs a private practice focusing on anger management, stress, anxiety, relationships, and depression for clients ages 16 and up.

Dr. Tyra Gardner with Jennifer Lynn Robinson at the June book launch.

People have always suffered from stress and anxiety, but COVID amplified those issues. Money, the loss of loved ones, a lack of control over daily and national events … The stressors kept coming. “We were living in this microwave society that was focused on nothing but now. You also had people that exhibited reckless behaviors before COVID hit,” says Gardner.

In addition to her practice, she provides professional development training for day care center staff and serves as a coach for start-up businesses. As a business coach, she developed a program called, “My Outlet,” which she describes as a “ventilation” program. The program allows business owners to call Gardner to prevent those instances of displaced anger. “I’ve been finding that people take their anger and aggression out on people that don’t deserve it – meaning their loved ones at home,” she says.

Gardner’s use of telehealth appointments has helped patients connect with her; fewer patients are late or no-shows when their appointments are virtual. But Gardner realizes some people still crave in person connection and is looking forward to hosting an adult retreat this fall.

Meanwhile, Gardner is working towards her PhD in Organizational Development & Change and Human Behavior and hopes to complete her program in December 2022. The topic of her dissertation is on small businesses on “Pivot & Performance.” Additionally, Gardner has an Instagram live show called “Tyra’s Just Saying.” She also has a YouTube channel and podcast called “The Mental Health Minute” co-hosted with Dr. Candace. They are in talks to move the podcast into a streaming platform.

Dr. Tyra’s best piece of networking advice: “Be intentional with who you network with because everybody is not meant to be a part of your network. Not everybody is worthy of a conversation.”

Dr. Tyra’s favorite inspirational book: “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. Gardner has been thinking of starting a non-profit to help bring therapy and mental awareness to college campuses and reading this book inspired her to put that on her list of goals. “But I have to do things at my pace, not at others’ pace,” she says.

Need more mental health advice? Read about coping with stress, how to fight with your man (or woman), and identifying strength in emotions.


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