Willistown Twp.’s Oak Springs Farm

Oak Springs Farm

Inside Willistown Conservation Trust’s 11th Annual Barns And BBQ

Photos and story by Melissa Jacobs

Oak Springs Farm’s gorgeous acres sprawl across some of Willistown Township’s most beautiful land. Horses share space with the valleys, native plants and family that lives in the main house.

Oak Springs Farm
Oak Springs Farm. Photo by Main Line Tonight.

Oak Springs Farms was one of the features of the 11th Annual Barns And BBQ, a fundraiser for Willistown Conservation Trust, which focuses on 28,000 acres within the watersheds of Ridley, Crum, and Darby Creeks of Chester and Delaware Counties. Initially known as the Willistown Area Conservation Program, which was established in 1979 as a satellite program of the Brandywine Conservancy, WCT became an independent, community-based land trust and 501 (c) 3 in 1996 with a committed and active Board of Trustees. 

Oak Springs Farm

WCT’s mission is to preserve and manage the open land, rural character, scenic, recreational, historic, agricultural and natural resources of the Willistown area and nearby communities, and to share these unique resources with people of all ages and backgrounds to inspire, educate and develop a lifelong commitment to the land and the natural world.

WCT has helped to permanently conserve over 7,500 acres, including three nature preserves open to the public: Ashbridge PreserveKirkwood Preserve (pictured above), and Rushton Woods Preserve, which is home to the Rushton Conservation Center and Rushton Farm.

For more information, please contact Willistown Conservation Trust.

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