Grace Winery Launches Gracie Red 

New Vintage Is Dedicated To The Memory of Grace Winery’s Namesake by Melissa Jacobs Every once in a while, a woman’s kindness, intelligence and beauty touch everyone around her, leaving indelible memories that remain long after her death. Chris LeVine’s sister is one of those women. After her untimely death in 1999, LeVine took ownershipContinue reading “Grace Winery Launches Gracie Red “

Daddy O is LBI’s Hottest Hotel and Restaurant

Where To Stay At The Jersey Shore With 22 hotel rooms and a 300-seat restaurant, Daddy O is one of Long Beach Island’s most chic, luxurious spots. And it’s tons of fun. Serving lunch, brunch and a rollicking happy hour, Daddy O is back at full steam after two COVID summers. “Over the winter, weContinue reading “Daddy O is LBI’s Hottest Hotel and Restaurant”