LiVnSoL Shines

Downingtown Artist Brian Hearns Featured in Two Solo Exhibits by Melissa Jacobs Birds, musicians, Maya Angelou; Brian Hearns’s subjects are as varied as his mediums. The Downingtown artist, who goes by the creative and declarative name LiVnSoL, used cut paper, exuberantly colored acrylics and black India ink to compose “Truth Seekers,” the new exhibition heContinue reading “LiVnSoL Shines”

West Chester Gallery Features “Outsider Art”

The Art Trust’s new show highlights local, self-taught artists from a Wilmington studio by Melissa Jacobs Drawings, paintings, angels, and a bus with legs are just a few of the pieces showcased in “Untethered Vision,” the new exhibit at The Art Trust in West Chester. Geraldo Gonzalez, Jr., Kenneth Carley, Meme and George Thomas areContinue reading “West Chester Gallery Features “Outsider Art””

Angry in America: New Book Offers Help

Philadelphia’s Dr. Tyra Gardner publishes new anger management journal by Jennifer Lynn Robinson, Business Editor From COVID to monkey pox, gas to guns and government, many Americans are fed up, stressed out and just plain angry. In a recent poll conducted by the nonprofit Mental Health America, 71% of respondents felt easily annoyed or downrightContinue reading “Angry in America: New Book Offers Help”

Meet Clover Market Founder Janet Long

Step inside Clover Market, a wonderland of artisan and vintage finds. Long created the market in 2010 and has grown it to include four towns and 90 vendors. Here’s how she did it. Bryn Mawr Clover Market: Sunday, Oct. 9 Kennett Square Clover Market: Sunday, Oct. 23 by Melissa Jacobs Obsessed with Clover Market? Same.Continue reading “Meet Clover Market Founder Janet Long”

La Reina de las Empanadas

Veronica Fitzgerald de Bryn Mawr abre V Empanadas en Wayne Farmers Market Historia por Melissa Jacobs Traducción por Rehana Wolfe Pregúntale a Veronica Fitzgerald de qué están rellenas sus empanadas y te da una respuesta sencilla. “Amor”, dice Fitzgerald, quien abrió V Empanadas en el Farmers Market del condado de Lancaster el 26 de febrero.Continue reading “La Reina de las Empanadas”

Give The Best Gift Of 2021

Why This Christmas Is Unlike Any Other by Chimere G. Holmes, LPC, Mental Health Editor The past 22 months have taught us that the best presents are the ones that we don’t have to wrap. Gratitude, mindfulness, love, and mental health are priceless, as is self-care. The absolute best gift of 2021? Connectivity. And we’reContinue reading “Give The Best Gift Of 2021”

Thanksgiving + Family Conflict

5 Ways to Make Holidays Less Stressful by Chimere G. Holmes, LPC, Mental Health Editor Let’s be honest. During the holiday season, a lot of families put the ‘fun’ in dysfunction. Adding in-laws to the mix can make kinship waters even murkier. A lot of conflict is created around issues of control, enmeshments, cultural differences,Continue reading “Thanksgiving + Family Conflict”

Valley Forge Park Alliance Launches New Campaign

VFPA aims to raise $1 million to rehabilitation the Maurice Stephens House Partner Content Founded in 1976, Valley Forge Park Alliance‘s mission is “to inspire appreciation of and support for Valley Forge National Historical Park.” Unlike the majestic park, The Alliance’s current home is a failing structure far from visitor trails and historic sites. CrampedContinue reading “Valley Forge Park Alliance Launches New Campaign”

Women We Love: Coco Chanel

Fashion vs. Style – And Why It Matters by Rehana Wolfe, contributing editor Which is more important: fashion or style? If you asked this question of Coco Chanel, she would have definitely responded: “style.” Coco Chanel, the designer we have loved for decades, was instrumental in defining modern women’s style. Chanel shifted women to simpleContinue reading “Women We Love: Coco Chanel”

Saving Gladwyne’s VFW Post

A local band of brothers join forces to repair damage caused by Hurricane Ida. by Michael Loveless To support the rebuilding effort, please buy a ticket to the Nov. 11 Veteran’s Day event at Merion Tribute House in Merion, PA featuring a keynote address by 77th Secretary of the Navy and former U.S. Ambassador toContinue reading “Saving Gladwyne’s VFW Post”