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Lash Extensions

Ask The Expert: Lash Extensions

Deneen Marcel Answers Your Questions About Lash Extensions

by Melissa Jacobs

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What are lash extensions? Women of all ages use them to add volume, softness and glamour to their eyes. Are lash extensions right for you? How long do they last? During our visit to her Bryn Mawr studio, award-winning lash and brow expert Deneen Marcel answered our questions about lash extensions.

MLT: How are lash extensions different from strip lashes?

DM: With lash extensions, one strand of synthetic hair is attached to each lash. Each synthetic lash is attached to a real lash with a medical grade adhesive. They are bonded. Strip lashes come off at the end of the day.

lash extensions

MLT: How long do lash extensions last?

DM: It depends on your lashes’ growth cycles. When your lashes grow, the extensions grow. Generally speaking, lash extensions last for up to four weeks. However, bi-weekly touch-ups are recommended.

MLT: How long does it take to have lash extensions applied?

DM: Your first appointment may take up to two hours. Refill touch-up  appointments generally take 45-90 minutes.

MLT: Are there different styles of lash extensions?

DM: Yes. I have lashes in different lengths and volumes. For a while, volume became popular. There was Russian volume, regular volume and mega volume. Generally speaking, my clients don’t want a heavy look. Typically, I create natural lash looks that don’t have a lot of curl or excessive length. I consult with my clients and work to curate the best style to suit their natural lashes.

MLT: Does the adhesive have negative side effects?

DM: No – and I have different kinds of adhesives. Some are thicker, some are thinner, some are made to survive humidity. Our extensions and adhesives are safe and comfortable even for contact lens wearers. You can swim, shower and even honeymoon in them without worrying about them falling off.

Have more questions for Deneen? She’s offering free consultations for lash extensions and brow laminations. Meet Deneen in her Bryn Mawr studio and learn exactly how she can enhance your natural beauty. Ready to schedule your consultation? Contact Deneen via her website.

Deneen Marcel

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