Cheap Eats: Try These Four Philly Joints

The Philly Snack Queens’ Top Picks For April by Samantha and Maura, Philly Snack Queens Hot, trendy spots in Philadelphia are amazing. But who gives love to the unsung underdogs? We do. Here are four places that are new to us, new to Philly, or just so out of this world we need to makeContinue reading “Cheap Eats: Try These Four Philly Joints”

Great Philly Food: 10 Places We Love

Tacos, Dim Sum, Coffee and Beer You Should Try by Maura and Sam, Philly Snack Queens Bassetts An oldie but goodie, Bassetts’ ice cream hits the spot every single time. With flavors like butterscotch vanilla, salted caramel pretzel, rum raisin and pomegranate blueberry chunk, there’s something for everyone. Our favorite: coffee fudge. Made of coffeeContinue reading “Great Philly Food: 10 Places We Love”