Broomall Lawyer Writes Psychological Thriller

Allison Buccola’s Debut Novel Catch Her When She Falls Is a Must-Read by Jamie Joffe, Culture Editor “Ten years ago, my boyfriend killed my best friend.” With that, Allison Buccola launches into her debut book, Catch Her When She Falls, released by Random House in February. The novel is a slow burn psychological thriller thatContinue reading “Broomall Lawyer Writes Psychological Thriller”

Binge Or Cringe: The Podcast

Jamie Joffe just launched a new podcast, expanding her 12K+ member Facebook group to a new platform. Here’s how she did it. by Melissa Jacobs “People are saying this show should never have been made. How do you react to that?” With that, Jamie Joffe launched Binge Or Cringe: The Podcast, an outgrowth of theContinue reading “Binge Or Cringe: The Podcast”

And Just Like … That?

What I Really Think of the “Sex and the City” Reboot by Jamie Joffe, Culture Editor SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched the latest episodes (or have been living under a rock), PLEASE stop reading now. Like everyone else who loved the ‘90s HBO series about four fabulous singles living in New York City, myContinue reading “And Just Like … That?”

What to Watch: January

Drunk Leftovers with Jason Bateman on TikTok … Or Something Like That. by Jamie Joffe, Culture Editor January always finds me in a bit of a rut. The holidays are over. I’m cold, broke and sober. Furthermore, to quote Regina George of Mean Girls fame, “Sweatpants are the only thing that fits me right now.”Continue reading “What to Watch: January”

What to Watch: December

Carrie, Keanu and Cobra Kai by Jamie Joffe, Culture Editor If there was ever a reason to eat, drink and be antisocial this holiday season, December’s lineup offers the perfect excuses to stay home and stream. A slew of new releases and several returning favorites will be gifts that truly keep on giving. So skipContinue reading “What to Watch: December”

What To Watch in November

Kings, Lady Gaga and Girls Gone Wild by Jamie Joffe, culture editor November serves anticipated releases packed with more drama and dysfunction than your family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Here is what I’ll be watching. King Richard HBO Max and in theaters All hail “King Richard.” Finally, here is a film the whole family can enjoy. TenContinue reading “What To Watch in November”

Binge or Cringe: What To Watch in October

Serial Killers, Bakers and Aliens? Perfect. Jamie Joffe, Culture Editor Oh, October. The only month of the year where I can talk openly about my obsession with serial killers and eat copious amounts of peanut  M + M’s in public without any judgement. It also happens to be a killer (pun intended) month for newContinue reading “Binge or Cringe: What To Watch in October”