Binge Or Cringe: The Podcast

Jamie Joffe just launched a new podcast, expanding her 12K+ member Facebook group to a new platform. Here’s how she did it. by Melissa Jacobs “People are saying this show should never have been made. How do you react to that?” With that, Jamie Joffe launched Binge Or Cringe: The Podcast, an outgrowth of theContinue reading “Binge Or Cringe: The Podcast”

Is 55-Year Old Carrie Still A Fashion Icon?

What does And Just Like That say about style for women over age 50? We couldn’t help but wonder … by Diane Oliva, Style Editor Sex And The City defined the role of fashion in a TV show and influenced how we dressed along the way. Manolo Blahnik and SATC were practically synonymous. Fast forwardContinue reading “Is 55-Year Old Carrie Still A Fashion Icon?”

And Just Like … That?

What I Really Think of the “Sex and the City” Reboot by Jamie Joffe, Culture Editor SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched the latest episodes (or have been living under a rock), PLEASE stop reading now. Like everyone else who loved the ‘90s HBO series about four fabulous singles living in New York City, myContinue reading “And Just Like … That?”