MLT Eats: Four Hidden Gems to Try Right Now

Looking for an undiscovered restaurant with great food? The Philly Snack Queens have you covered. by Maura and Sam, aka The Philly Snack Queens, contributing editors Love hot, new restaurants? So do we. And we love undiscovered eateries with great food, drink and people. Everyone in the neighborhood knows and loves these places, but ifContinue reading “MLT Eats: Four Hidden Gems to Try Right Now”

MLT Eats: Morimoto’s 20th Anniversary

The Main Line Tonight Interview: Chef Masaharu Morimoto by Greg Salisbury, Food Editor For restaurants to survive even a few years is a great achievement. To be in business for 20 years is downright remarkable – especially in this pandemic afflicted world. Morimoto is still one of the region’s most groundbreaking, influential restaurants. In additionContinue reading “MLT Eats: Morimoto’s 20th Anniversary”